When Danna Doesn't Travel

Like almost everyone who enjoys exploring this pretty little rock we’re coasting on, I can’t spend all my time marveling at it. I’ve had a great few years of travel, my family and I have explored so much of Europe together, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to explore those places and many more in the US with close friends as well. I don’t intend on trying to ignore that itch in my bones to always go and always see, but I always slow down during the holidays.

I’m very excited to be home for this time of year! We love Halloween and fall in Sacramento is so beautiful. I’ve finally had time to repot several succulents and we got the yard cleaned up for winter storms.

Since I’m on the verge of finishing grad school and have different plans about what path I want to follow after, along with Sam’s own, and our plans together, I think other than some closer road trips, we will not be traveling for a few months. Luckily, we have a car and weekends and so much to explore in this region. A while ago I made a map for my cousin with things to do in different California cities, mostly simple hikes, nature reserves, some places to eat. I’m going to include it here because the great thing about these Google maps is that the link will always take you to the most updated version! You’ll also be able to click through to each marker’s information and reviews, if available. Find the day trip map here! If you have any places you love nearby, I’d love to hear about them as well, the map has to stay updated!