Episode 8: It's the End of the World As We Know It

This week we discuss six end of the world theories, and explore why this topic may make us uncomfortable. It’s easy to joke about or write sci-fi about, but it causes anxiety in us for a lot of real reasons. Let’s get uncomfortable with it.

Episode 7: Butt Play

Anal sex! We researched it, read about it, asked our friends about it, some of us even tried it! Find below the information cited, and here’s a bonus link to my favorite resource from this episode, B-vibe! Started by certified sex education Alicia Sinclair, the company’s mission centers around education and information, which I agree is the best way to dispel your stigmas or fears of something. Lots of great information, and toys!

I pulled from this GQ article covering the history of anal sex. The supreme court case mentioned was Lawrence v Texas, and its decision overturned sodomy laws in the last state still upholding them in 2003.

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Episode 4: Body Hair

This week we talked about our own body hair, how our communities look at body hair, and different ways we deal with it. Some information I read in the beginning is from this article about body hair.
This is the Charlie Brown Encyclopedia that I mention. I actually tracked down a vintage copy immediately after recording this episode!
I also explained incorrectly why we get goosebumps. Our skin contracts to make the hair stand up because when we were much hairier, it would make our hair stand and make us more furry to keep us warm.

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Episode 3: Periods!

We get in our comfy pants and talk about periods: Answering weird questions, talking about alternatives to cotton hygiene products, period poops, period sex, hormonal health, and our favorite comforts for our favorite week. Email us at thisisuncomfortablepodcast@gmail.com and follow @thisisuncomfortablepodcast to submit questions, topic ideas, song requests, dog stories, and general love.