Timber Cove & Bodega Bay

Spring has been busy for my suitcase! In March Sam and I headed to Bodega Bay for our first wedding anniversary, and the views there are some of the most breathtaking I've seen in the world. I want to share some pictures from that trip, and hopefully be able to convey the excitement I felt on these cliffs. We hiked forests and beaches, we explored tide pools, we said lots of wows and saw many creatures. The first day we drove in we walked the short hike out to Stillwater Cove before we checked into our hotel, the Timber Cove Resort. More about that gorgeous place later. The cove hike:



Starting out in a redwood forest, you eventually end up on the highway before  a small crossing to the actual cove: 



We watched the tide come in for a bit then walked back through to the car, fnding some beautiful spots along the way we came :


The view at the Timber Cove Resort was unbelievable! We loved our room facing the Cove and I think we both really want to return here.


The next day we hiked down to Shell Beach to do some tide pooling. It was a trek!


Although it wasn't a long hike, the last part was a set of wooden planks that used to be steps but now functions more like a ladder. While my wobbly legs didn't love it, my camera did:


After our hike and some driving around, we grabbed lunch and played some Uno in the lobby of the hotel. Hunting lodge done hip.


The next afternoon we went on a walk of the grounds. This is the cove the hotel faces. 


We spent more time in the region, and did a few more hikes and drives, but I shared here some of our favorite things about this trip. We absolutely loved the hotel and I think we both found it perfect for our first anniversary. The trails and tide pools in Bodega Bay are hard to beat, and the cloudy weather was still dry when we were out and about. Nearby spots that should be explored include Jenner, sitting at the mouth where the Russian River meets the ocean. Cafe Aquatica in Jenner has an unbeatable view. The Boedga Head also has many trails and the cliffs therehave amazing views of the ocean. Also visit the UC Davis Marine Research Center f you catch their visitor hours; we both love sea life and planned this trip around that interest. Definitely visit the Bodega Bay and Sonoma Coast State Park if you like ocean critters, tide pools, and the blustery north coast!