New Orleans Audubon Institute Insectarium

I can't really post ONE blog about New Orleans because it has infinite identities, and I see it in a thousand different lights depending on my mood, the city's mood, and thousands of other factors that may or may not all be controlled by magic left behind in the very bricks. This week I want to focus on the Insectarium and butterfly sanctuary in New Orleans. It's near the waterfront, close to the Audubon Aquarium if you have an Ultimate Experience pass, and near enough to the French Quarter that it makes a fun stop if you have limited time but want to do more than one thing. They do a lot with the space and have beautiful displays and varieties of moths and butterflies. If you like bugs and science in general, or if you have kids, I'd definitely recommend this as a stop. 
The exhibits focus on the climate and history of Louisiana and surrounding areas, with a room dedicated to termites and the history of their destruction of the city.  I didn't get tons of photos in comparison to how big the collection actually was, but the rooms filled with moth and butterfly specimens are impressive enough on their own. I am a fan of butterfly sanctuaries too, humid as they may be. The butterflies live freely, so watch where you step or what you swat in this space!